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We are a Family Law mediation practice on the Gold Coast that provides an easy and inexpensive mediation service to assist parties in reaching an agreement outside of court. Our practice is mobile and we can service Australia wide via video platform or telephone but our offices are on the Gold Coast. We understand that going through a separation is a difficult time and it can often be nearly impossible to juggle your work and family commitments while trying to resolve your legal matters. With our legal experience, we help you draft the documents which can easily be sent to the court to formalise your agreement.
Frequently Asked Questions
While a mediation can take many forms, it is generally when parties who have a dispute meet to reach a resolution. Both parties have the opportunity to present their point of view and the mediator will assist them to try to find some mutual ground. Under Australian law, the Family Law Act 1975, parties are required to attend mediation and obtain a 60I certificate prior to applying to the court for parenting matters (except in some circumstances). For property matters, it is a useful way of trying to resolve your disagreement before spending thousands of dollars and many months in court.

Our mediation rooms are at Varsity Lakes, near Robina Town Shopping Centre. While we are a Family Law mediation practice on the Gold Coast, we are able to assist you Australia wide with mediations either via telephone or via an online platform like Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. With your busy life, we understand that attending in person is sometimes unachievable or may not be appropriate in your personal circumstances. We can conduct mediations via telephone or online through a video platform at almost any time that suits you if it is too difficult for you get the time off work, we can arrange for an after-hours mediation to start at 5.00pm. With our flexible mediations we ensure that we can help all separated families in any circumstances.

We strongly believe that your family's future should not be decided on by a Judge in a courtroom. We aim to empower you to reach your own decisions for your property and parenting settlement. Often, it is possible to resolve all your issues, child custody and financial, in just one day. It is our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective and stress-free process in finalising your separation and moving forward with your life. This might be one of the most difficult times in your life, but we are here to make it a little easier on you and your family.

We offer fixed fees for our mediations which include preparation for and attendance at your mediation. The only additional charge to this fixed fee is venue hire. If you wish to reduce the cost of your mediation, you can contact us to discuss arranging your own venue hire or talk about flexible venue options, such as online mediations. Generally, fees are shared between parties so you can resolve your dispute for well under $1000.

Check out our fees page for more information.

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